Two Years in Business!

This week, my business is two years old! Anniversaries are cause for celebration and reflection — a good time to check your progress and feel great about your accomplishments.


Looking back on my business from its start to its Second Anniversary, growth and success depend on these four important activities:


  1. Setting Goals

Defining where you want to go keeps your “Eye on The Prize”. Unless you know what you’re reaching for, you can’t get there. Set your overall objective. Then, set milestones along the way to help measure your progress.


  1. Executing Plans

Actively working through the steps toward your goal energizes you and moves you forward. Executing your plans also gives you opportunities to get feedback. Consider that feedback in any of your course corrections. But remember, not all feedback needs to be taken to heart. Be open and incorporate the input that makes sense for you.


  1. Outsourcing Needed Expertise

Taking time away from your core business costs you time away from clients and your business. Finding vetted help where you lack knowledge frees you up to network or, even better, to work on client projects.  I would not have progressed to this point without the support of my contracted social media and web site professionals!


  1. Giving

Stepping up and being a resource to networking partners, professional groups, and others promotes your brand and your expertise. Sharing your knowledge lets people know more about what you offer and establishes your credibility. Being generous is re-paid over the long run.


The last two years have been hard work, fun, and rewarding – all at the same time. It takes a lot more than these four activities to be successful, but they provide a great foundation for your brand and your business growth.