Non-Profits’ Track Record Tells the Story

Non-profits inspire donors to give by sharing stories about impacting the people and communities that they serve. Without adequate systems and processes to collect and track that information, non-profits cannot report reliably on their activities. Or, they expend a lot of time and effort pulling the information together.

How can non-profits ensure they can track and report information so donors understand their stories? To meet donors’ expectations, non-profits need to address these four areas:

1. Define Objectives and Performance Indicators:

Telling a non-profit’s story requires having the right information to let donors know the impact of programs and services. That means identifying up-front what needs to be tracked and reported to show results. Examples include numbers of people served, meals delivered, and classes taught.

2. Collect and Track Performance Data

Identifying which information to tell donors is only part of it. Processes are needed to collect data from all sources and make ensure it is accurate. Setting up data collection and reporting processes helps make sure that information is reliable and easy to obtain.

3. Automate for Efficiency and Accuracy

Using automation is not a requirement. However, non-profits can reduce the time, effort, and cost of telling their story by automating some data collection and reporting processes. Automation also increases reporting accuracy, which is of vital importance when communicating about service to clients and community.

4. Report on Performance and Outcomes

Armed with accurate and compelling information, non-profits must have a platform to tell their stories. That could be a web site, a newsletter, or any other communication mode. Getting the word out is fundamental to reaching donors and other stakeholders.

Non-profits inspire donors to give with stories about the impact of their programs and services. Processes and systems help with information collection and reporting so non-profits can spend more time servicing their clients at the same time they are getting their message out to donors.