IRS Help to Prepare for Tax Season

Believe it or not, yet another tax filing season is upon us. Pretty soon, you’ll start getting your 2021 year-end wage, investment, and mortgage interest statements. Between now and when you are ready to fill out those lovely tax forms, you can take three steps to get a jump on tax season and feel more confident. Most of the tips you need are on the IRS website. For free! Well, not exactly for free – our tax dollars pay for the IRS. 

Get your money’s worth with these three tips to be prepared for tax season:

  • Plan Ahead

You can take steps now to get a jump on filing your 2021 income tax return. Use this link to access a list of documents you’ll need to file, check on your tax withholdings, verify your bank information, and reconcile your Advance Child Tax Credit. This page also has a link to potential issues that can delay the processing of your 2021 income tax return.

  • Check Your Online Account

Every taxpayer can access her or his online account to see the information that the IRS has on file. Your individual account information includes any outstanding tax balances, a five-year history of payments made, and copies of your tax records. You can even view the details of any payment plans in place with the IRS.

  • Expectations for IRS Operations

The IRS is just as overworked and under-resourced as it was during the last two tax seasons. Service delays include phone support call wait times, paper return processing times, and manual reviews of electronically filed returns. While they are reporting that mission-critical functions are continuing during COVID-19, this link provides periodic updates on expected wait times to reduce frustration and potential complaints.

Tax season is almost here. The IRS has tips to help you prepare and feel more confident about filing an accurate return, and to make the filing process go more smoothly for everyone. Being prepared can help you prevent a delay in processing your return and help manage your expectations for IRS operations during tax filing season. Sure, filing your taxes is not a lot of fun, but getting prepared now will make the process easier and less stressful.