Help your Business Grow with a Process Upgrade

Your business is a huge success. New customers every week, full schedule, busy team. But can your back office keep up with your growth? When your business is taking off is not a good time to find out that your processes aren’t keeping up.

If your business has been around for a while, chances are your haven’t changed since the beginning. Back then, you had limited resources for your back office. Plus, you didn’t know all that it takes to get accurate, real-time information to manage your business. Now you have the knowledge and resources to upgrade your processes. But how?

A sole proprietor client who started working with me recently was in that “growing business, old process” stage. He said he could not keep up with customer demand, staff management, or financial record keeping. In our first meeting, he told me, “No more customers until I get this straightened out!”

I asked a series of questions to better understand the situation and proposed a financial process review. We found ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of his business processes. We focused on the business processes to track and report finances, price projects, assign and track contractor work, and maintain complete and accurate tax records.

Now, my client’s business is ready to grow without the back office getting swamped. He’s already getting new customers, following our work together.

Are your old business processes holding back your business growth? Get a process review and upgrade to position your business for more customers and profits.