Good Help is Still Hard to Find

You didn’t start your business to keep the books, run an IT department, or execute a marketing plan. You need reliable and qualified professionals to help achieve your dream. And you only need them when you need them. Outsourcing is often the answer.

Great; outsourcing it is! What next? How do you find the right vendor? How much should it cost? How do you make sure the job gets done right?

Here are some things to think about when you answer those three questions:

1. How do You Find the Right Vendor?

The best source of qualified and trusted vendors is your network. Get referrals from satisfied customers that you personally know. Look for vendors with certifications or other credentials that demonstrate they have the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs. Website recommendations are helpful, too.

2. How Much Should it Cost?

Do your homework about comparable costs for similar work. Have a budget and track bills against it. But keep in mind that cost is not the only factor. Avoid surprises and misunderstandings by capturing the price, delivery times, quantity, and quality specifications in a documented agreement.

3. How do You Make Sure the Job Gets Done Right?

Even with referrals, credentials, and references, you must be sure that vendors deliver or perform as promised. As in #2, define expectations up-front, verify that goods or services were provided, and communicate regularly. Monitor your vendor’s performance. Make sure you receive the goods or services you’ve been billed.

Outsourcing can help your business grow. Selecting the right vendor can really help. The wrong one can really cost you. Addressing these three important questions will help you avoid the cost and aggravation of picking the wrong vendor.