Are Your Goals Just Dreams?

Frequent readers know my opinion that workshops are a great way to get a lot of information in one place. Last week’s Fierce about Your Finances Expo, conducted by Financially Fierce, LLC, proved me right again. The Expo provided lots of financial information to plan for achieving your goals.


A Goal without a Plan is just a Dream.


Planning to achieve personal and business financial goals was the overall theme of the Expo. Participants were there to obtain useful information to start or augment her or his plans. Exhibitors (including me) shared her or his knowledge to help those plans along.


Topics at the Expo ranged from taxes (me again), to retirement, mortgages, and debt recovery. For all the topics, the Expo delivered three common messages about planning to achieve financial goals:


  1. Establish Clear Goals

Determining what you want to accomplish, at what level, how, and by what date are essential to establish clear goals. Answering all those questions about what, how, and when also helps you track your progress and know when you’ve achieved your goals.


  1. Do Your Research

Harness the information available at Expos, professional organizations, and networking groups. Seek out successful people and ask for guidance. Read books and publications. Attend conferences and events that offer the information necessary for your plan.


  1. Adapt to Updates

New information and changing conditions make your plans change. Plans must be adapted based on new inputs and the learning that happens while you’re doing. Recognize the difference between adapting your plan and losing focus on your goals.


Adopting these three messages helps people and businesses to Plan for achieving their Goals, to  keep those Goals from being just a Dream that never comes true.