Make Next Tax Season Less Painful

Phew! Tax Filing Season 2017 is finally over! Well, how did it go for you? Painful? Long? Expensive?


Tax season’s end is the perfect time to look back at what went well and how to make next year go faster and easier. In short, less painful. Whether you prepare your own taxes or use a tax professional, you can take steps to reduce your pain and spend less time on your taxes.


Three tips will make next tax filing season much less painful:


Get Organized

Disorganized tax records means that getting ready to file takes hours away from enjoying your life. Not to mention the stress! Having a computerized or paper process is essential for getting organized. Scanning documents into folders or filing papers into an accordion folder puts everything you need at tax time in one place.


Know What to Keep

Use your 2016 tax return to identify the information you’ll need to accumulate during 2017 to prepare for next year. Will a life event in 2017 change your tax situation? Things like buying a home, starting a business, or getting married all impact your taxes. Find out what documents you’ll need for tax time next year.


Keep Records Up-to-Date

A big stack of papers waiting to be organized can be scary. Keep up with the paperwork and the task is easier to do. Not to mention how much easier it is to find information, because it’s right where you need it to be. Need pay stubs and account statements to apply for a loan? It’s all there, ready for you.


Make next tax filing season less painful, long and expensive by getting organized, knowing what to keep, and keeping up-to-date. You’ll be glad you did, next year and every year after that.