Controls and Process Improvement

Businesses and nonprofits need a road map to manage finances and operations, and to get the most from their resources. Contact me to discuss how a controls and process assessment and improvement plan can increase profits, eliminate waste, and maximize resources.

Expenses more than expected?
Controlling costs is essential to staying in business. Knowing where your money is going and whether your pricing covers your costs are crucial, but not easy.

A controls assessment identifies opportunities and methods to reduce costs, avoid duplication and errors, and establish good expense management practices.

Have a clear view of your organization’s financial path?
Effective day-to-day management and long-term planning require accurate and clear financial information. Getting results depends on budgeting, forecasting, and measuring performance.

Your controls assessment will identify a path to get control over finances, make informed decisions, and grow your organization.

Using outdated processes and systems?
Your processes were set up a long time ago and haven’t changed since. Back then, you didn’t have time and money to invest in your processes and you didn’t know what you needed.

A process improvement plan will help streamline your operations, reduce expenses, increase efficiency, and eliminate waste.

Staff not as productive as you anticipated?
Hiring qualified people can’t give you the results you expect if they aren’t trained, don’t know what is expected of them, and don’t have adequate job tools.

A process assessment identifies tools, training, and procedures that will help your staff do their best for you.

Income Taxes

Taxpayers need help from a qualified professional who provides a level of service not offered by commercial tax preparers. Contact me for a consultation to discuss ways for reducing your income tax return stress.

No time to keep up with changing tax rules?
Doing your own taxes means having to keep up with the rules. That takes time; plus, it can be hard to find the information you need to know.

I keep up with the tax laws and filing processes. You can be confident that your returns are accurate and that someone’s got your back if a tax question arises.

Tax payments not enough or too much?
If your payments don’t cover your tax liability, you could owe an underpayment penalty and interest. Conversely, a big refund is an interest-free loan to the government.

Getting tax projections and payment estimates helps you avoid a big tax bill at filing time, or gives you part of your “refund” back in every paycheck.

Life change impacting your taxes?
Moving, having children, and changing marital status are all life changes that impact your taxes. Knowing the tax impact can help you plan and budget.

Projecting the tax impact of different scenarios helps you know if you qualify for a mortgage, or if you could benefit from qualified retirement plans or other tax saving options.

Haven’t filed taxes for a while?
Not filing a required income tax return means penalties and interest on unpaid balances. Non-profits that don’t file information returns can lose their exempt status.

I help taxpayers and nonprofits prepare and file prior-year tax or information returns, reply to tax agency correspondence, and assess payment options for past due balances.

Grant And Audit Readiness

Grants do not need to be re-paid, but managing them is not free. Reliable systems and processes are needed for reporting outcomes. Grantors and other funders often require an independent audit or third-party review to assess financial controls and operating capacity.

Contact me for your roadmap to avoid the pitfalls that make grant management and financial stewardship difficult and expensive.

Can you produce required reports using your existing processes?
Grant recipients have to produce clear and reliable outcome reports. If those reports cannot be readily produced using your existing processes, managing grants will cost more than planned, in both time and money.

A grant readiness assessment identifies process gaps that increase reporting costs and provides a roadmap for closing those gaps.

Can your organization “pass” an audit?
Funders support organizations that demonstrate good financial stewardship with effective controls and processes. Independent audits and third-party reviews are often used by funders to determine whether organizations can reliably deliver and report.

Your audit readiness assessment identifies process and control gaps that impact financial reporting and provides steps to address those gaps.

Do your controls and processes comply with applicable regulations?
Federal, state, and pass-through funding comes with strict requirements that may not be part of your organization’s day-to-day processes. Being aware of and complying with applicable regulations is essential; non-compliance is costly.

A grant readiness assessment will identify areas where your processes do not meet regulations, and define the steps to comply.


Contact me to request a workshop or presentation that is tailored for your needs. Practical tips that you can use immediately.

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