Tracking Your Bottom Line

So many articles and “experts” tell you to track things that are important to your business. How do you know what those things are? Sure, you should track your bank balance, but what else should you keep on top of?

One way to figure that out is focusing on things that keep your business going. Customers and money are important for a successful business. Meeting deadlines and expectations are important, too.

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Does DIY Bookkeeping Save Money?

The genesis of my weekly topics is often a recent experience with clients or workshop audiences. This week’s inspiration is courtesy of several new business clients who thought they were saving money with DIY bookkeeping.

I say “thought they were” saving money because it costs more in the long run for entrepreneurs to bootstrap their bookkeeping. They spend time away from running the business and can’t keep up with the books. Bottom line – the business has not grown and the books aren’t up-to-date.

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