Protecting Nonprofit Donations – Part One

Last week, I presented the first session in a three-part Nonprofit Finance Series, hosted by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. The Series covers topics near and dear to nonprofits – protecting donations, avoiding hidden costs of grant management, and talking finances with the Board.

In the session about protecting donations, I shared tips and best practices for nonprofits to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility for donor funds. I described cost-effective processes to control and verify funds that nonprofits work so hard to raise.

I can’t fit everything I talked about in one post, so this week is Part One — a cost-efficient approach to protecting donations. Next week, I’ll cover the rest in Part Two – best practices for protecting donations.

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Financial Basics for Entrepreneurs

Last week, I was invited to speak to a group of new entrepreneurs about managing business finances. I was so happy to help them learn the importance of getting control over and understanding their finances so they can grow their business.

This group shared the same concerns that I often hear from business owners – How do I keep my finances straight? When should I start? What tools should I use?

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You Moved Overseas – What about Taxes?

When you move outside the United States for a job or retirement, what about income taxes? Last week, I got a chance to answer these questions at a workshop for people planning to move outside the U.S., sponsored by Your Expat Expert.

In general, the rules for filing and paying income, estate, and gift taxes are the same whether you live in the U.S. or abroad. Your worldwide income is subject to U.S. income tax, regardless of where you reside. There are some differences, though.

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Managing Multiple Locations

Regardless of how you got them – through growth, merger, or acquisition – managing multiple locations can be a terrific thing and a headache at the same time. Having a presence in different neighborhoods promotes your brand. But you can’t be in each location personally to oversee things.

Lots of businesses operate in more than one place. They must know a method for making it work, right? Any method that works must have some basic concepts that help businesses get on the right track. So what are those basics?

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